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For a very long time, Carrie was completely computer illiterate. She didn’t really know how to use it, and she didn’t really have the need to use it. However, she got the need when she started working as they required some computer skills, but also, she needed to educate herself so that she could surprise her husband, Michael. She realized that he had been spending too much time on his computer and that he wasn’t as passionate about her like he used to be.

Therefore, she decided to learn how to use a computer to have more things in common with him. Carrie took the course and learned the basics. Among other things, she learned how to browse the internet. She practiced at home and then she went to the History in order to delete the traces that she even touched the computer. It was there that she found Michael spent a whole lot of time on a site called Wanting to know what could be so exciting to her husband, Carrie opened the site.

These jonnytube porn videos appeared all over the screen. At first, Carrie was in shock! She closed the computer down. Then she realized – that her chance to learn more about Michael’s fantasies and desires. She turned the computer back on and clicked on a video. It was about two lesbians licking each other and later on, fingering each other until they orgasmed.

Carrie felt that she could enjoy such a session. The fact that she kind of spied on her husband felt wrong and sexy at the same time. The adrenaline started working, and she realized that she was turned on by the video of these lesbians. The video showed a close up of a pussy being licked by another girl. Carrie got out of her clothes, licked her finger and began to mimic the way the tongue worked that pussy.

That made it easier for Carrie to imagine that she was the one being licked by that busty, raven haired girl. She was surprised how much she liked it, and she could feel her heart beat so hard that it felt as if it would jump out of her chest. Her pussy got real wet and she smeared all that juice all over her twat, thighs and every other part of her body that she touched.

The forbidden fruit of Michael’s secret porn videos made Carrie masturbate with enormous pleasure. As the lesbians from the video started fingering each other, Carrie started doing the same for herself. She was way past the point when she was gentle with herself as she jammed her fingers inside her pulsating twat furiously. She began adding more fingers inside, one by one, until she thought she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

That was one crazy, immense orgasm that came her way and it exploded, electrocuting her entire body. Carrie realized that she would have to give the same performance for Michael if she even wanted him back.

We made our Bandipur Tourism Experience into Adult Video Taping

Me and Doreen always wanted to see Bandipur and to experience the whole idea about the Bundipur tourism. Doreen has always been an adventurous type and she always reads about the exotic destination on the Internet. This time she has read about the six places in experiences in Bandipur that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Therefore, we made a list of the things and attractions that we wanted to check out and we also made sure that we have a camera and enough batteries for it to tape all the video clips we wanted to. We wandered all over the national parks and wildlife in Bandipur. We made some amazing tapes and videos of elephants, amazing places and great sights in India. We booked a nice hotel where everybody were so lovely and nice and we really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Our days were full and we would go to bed to sleep totally exhausted from sightseeing.

One night, when I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed and sleeping, I came out from the bathroom and saw Doreen wearing a lovely transparent nighty, resting on our bed with dim lights and soft music. I couldn’t remember the last time she made it that way. When she saw me, she got on her knees, squeezed both of her tits together and beckoned me with her finger.

I approached her slowly and I came really close to her so that I can feel her breath on my face. I kissed her slowly and passionately and took her by her waist and pulled her against me. Her thigh was on my cock and she felt it, so she started rubbing it against my cock. It made it jump and stiffen hard. I removed the straps of her nighty from her shoulders and exposed her lovely breasts. I began kissing her nipples and sucking on them the best I could.

She sighed and moaned and enjoyed it so much. We fucked hard, slow and sensually. For the first time, she wasn’t embarrassed to tell me exactly how she wanted to be fucked and what she liked. That was so exciting. I spread her legs and rest her knees on my elbows, so that I can fuck her in a missionary position and watch my dick enter her and slide out. Each thrust was harder and deeper than the previous one and I would push my dick in her hard and then slip it our really slowly. That drove her mad with desire.

It was enough for me just to touch her clit with one of my fingers and she came with almost a scream. After that it didn’t take me long to cum also. I enjoyed spraying my cum on her belly. After we cleaned up, she told me she had a surprise for me.

It was like having the best sex ever as a part of the Bandipur tourism experience wasn’t enough. She showed me that she taped the whole thing that we’ve just made a porn video clip. That was so hot. I bet it’s the best souvenir that a couple can bring back from a travel.